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The Hunt – ITALY

hunt italy

 2015 is hotting up nicely for Garry Bell and his team at Contender Promotion as they officially confirm the 3rd location of The Fightstar Hunt….
In association with Vincenzo di Palma, Contender Promotions will arrive at the shores of Pescara, Italy in June in search of more undiscovered K-1 talent.

Bell has already hand picked fighters from Holland in the debut Hunt hosted by the legendary VOS gym. Second on the journey was Dublin, Ireland hosted by top Irish coaches Michael Paszowski and Darren Dowdall.
Italy is the 3rd stop on the tour and Garry Bell, president of Contender Promotions has extremely high hopes from the Italians.
Bell made the following statement
“We have been in talks with Vincenzo di Palma for some time now and it was clear from the beginning that he shares the same passion for the sport as my team does, I am looking forward to seeing what Mr di Palma brings to the table in June as his flare for K-1 kickboxing is just as energetic as my own. My team are working hard to bring this Hunt together and we hope to find some special talents in Italy ready to make their international debut later in 2015”

Vincenzo di Palma owner and coach at Italian gym American Pitbull plans to bring the best undiscovered talent from all of Italy to The Hunt which is scheduled for June 20th at The Hotel Berti, Pescara, Italy.

Working in conjunction with their Sponsors For the Fightstar Hunts Contender Promotions would like to thank the main sponsors for the Italian Hunt. Longhill Environmental, AWM and of course the 2015 official sponsor for Contender Promotions JOYA fightgear. JOYA will be providing gloves to be used throughout the Sparring sessions of The Hunt and also a bag of Complimentary Goodies for those successful in selection.

Stay tuned for updates as they happen